Our Providers

Dr. Joshi
Dr. Sandhu

At CHMA, our primary focus is comprehensive cardiovascular care from experienced and highly skilled cardiologists who are knowledgeable about all current techniques for the diagnosis, management and treatment of heart disease. We care for patients with heart attacks, high blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm disorders, and cardiac dysfunction.

CHMA provides high quality, state of the art, and comprehensive cardiovascular care in compassionate and service-oriented environment. The physicians who are part of our group practice are all board certified cardiologists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The specialized services include nuclear, vascular flow studies, echocardiography and stress testing; all with convenient scheduling and rapid test results. CHMA uses comprehensive, HIPPA compliant, web-based electronic medical record, medical imaging, and electronic prescriptions. These technologies allow our physicians to respond promptly to our patient’s needs, including the ability to digitally transmit results. Our physicians also have secure access to their patient’s data offsite 24/7, allowing them to make accurate real-time decisions whenever and wherever needed.